Fourth week as a software developer intern

Pretotype for inferring your product success
“Whatsapp bot (me)” to know the resistance through a phorto
One goal of quantum revolution is to compress information
Feynman diagrams
Wolfram — everything is connected
Flasky tests
  1. Do we need a human to solve this problem?
  2. if so, find the right assignee
  3. to explain the problem and likely causes
  4. how quickly it was resolved?
  • Failures have become much harder to predict, these failures cause outages to the companies, and these outages can cost millions to a company.
  • Chaos engineering lets you compare what you think will happen to what happens in your systems. You “break things on purpose” to learn how to build more resilient systems.
  • “The best defense against major unexpected failures is to fail often. in this way, we force our services to be more resilient”. This evolved into Failure injection testing, same concepts as simian army, but gave developers more granular control
Simian army, canary tests
  • “Vaccinate yourself with failure now so that you are immune to it in the future”




Future software developer :)

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Bryan Medina

Bryan Medina

Future software developer :)

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